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The Write Road was founded in 2014 by award-winning Australian author and journalist Stephanie Dale, who has a background of 25 years in media, politics and publishing.


Throughout 15+ years in the newspaper industry Stephanie was a passionate advocate for the visibility and voices of everyday people. She now works to encourage people and communities to identify their story and speak for themselves.


Inspired by Slim Dusty and Joy McKean, who took their music to the people rather than expect people to come to them, Stephanie set out on The Write Road on a hunch – that geographically isolated people might want a hand telling their stories.


In 2016, The Write Road expanded its definition of ‘isolated’ to include all people without ready access writing workshops and support, including those who are socially, domestically, institutionally and/or culturally isolated.


The Write Road is dedicated to ensuring everybody has the tools and inspiration they need to tell their story, their way.

Stephanie Dale

Stephanie Dale

blockquote-lI teach nothing I have not learned myself: that it’s okay to be out on a limb, that a deep breath is the key to courage, that looking the world in the eye instills confidence. That raising our voice is critical to the change we seek. That visibility might be scary but it’s incredibly liberating. That knowing our story makes us strong.


My vision is to grow this work until every single person in the world who longs to write their story is doing so, and those who long to share their work with others have the confidence they need to shine.blockquote-r


Stephanie Dale, The Write Road