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"Unbelievable. I sat down by the river to write today and couldn't believe it - it was as if I was in the river and it took me places. My writing just flowed. I no longer even care if it's 'good' or 'bad’."
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  •  6 weeks online: Tuesdays 7.30pm - 8.30pm
  •  runs August 22 - September 26
  •  we meet in Zoom meeting room and between sessions in a closed Facebook group
  •  8 places only with a LIVE FACILITATOR
  •  $550 AUD*
"Your workshops last year certainly put me on track and I've taken your suggestions on board - I'm delighted with my gardening book.
Liz Chappell, author of Celebrate the Seasons
* This is the last time this course will run in 2017.
* Prices double from January 1.
Being stuck is painful, right?

I know right?

You've got this book bottled up inside you that won't let you go. And deep down you're excited by the possibility of sharing your special wisdom with the world!

I'm Stephanie Dale and, to be honest, I know what it's like - and I know it's also overwhelming, even terrifying, because you haven't got a clue how to begin and you don't have time anyway but it won't leave you alone and what if . . . it can be completely paralysing.

I'm a journalist and author. I've won awards for both. But believe it or not, I didn't write my first book until my late 40s.

It takes courage to even think you've got what it takes . . . I promise you, that book that's rattling around inside will not leave you alone until you pick up that pen, and begin.

And I promise, #you can write!
Writing your book will:
  •  Give you peace of mind
  •  Give you enormous satisfaction as you open the floodgates to the wisdom you have to share
  •  Establish you as a leader in your field
  •  Explode your confidence in your work
  • Increase opportunities for speaking engagements
  • Deliver credibility to attract media attention
  • Provide a new revenue stream.
"If the longing is there,
so too is the ability."
Stephanie Dale
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Stephanie Dale
- author, journalist, traveling writer -
founder of The Write Road 
& your Write of Passage facilitator.
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