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My Place

My Place

My Place is a celebration of story – an annual campfire event at Bourke’s Festival of 1000 Stories that showcases words and images that reflect connections to remote landscapes

My Place is an inclusive neighbourhood project that aims to broaden community connections and challenge the dominant narrative in Australian arts, literature and imagination that ‘the bush’ and ‘the outback’ are the realm of rugged men and bush poets – although of course these stories are integral to and, in some ways, even shape the whole.

The workshops develop creative instincts, empower individuals, connect communities, reflect resilience and explore the power of story to shape a person’s life and wellbeing.

My Place events are held in small communities in remote areas that culminate in, for example, anthologies, exhibitions, public art (such as Coonamble’s Nickname Hall of Fame) and of course the ongoing celebratory campfire the Festival of 1000 Stories.

My Place celebrates:

Collaborative storytelling – a collective, observable, public story of place and identity

Visibility – assert a sense of self in relation to place, connection

Courage and confidence – the right to see and be seen

Validation – I exist

Celebration – we exist.

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Stephanie DaleWritten by Stephanie Dale, author, journalist & traveling writer; founder of The Write Road and Walk and Write.
Stephanie Dale is an award-winning journalist and author with a fondness for walking and writing. She is a passionate advocate for the visibility and voices of everyday people and focuses on supporting new and unpublished writers to write and keep writing. The Write Road is dedicated to empowering people to tell their stories, their way. Walk & Write The Camino