Write of Passage online book writing course

Write of Passage

For new & unpublished writers


A 6-week, online book writing course to help you get started on the book you long to write.

We are a small group – numbers are limited to 8.

You will meet weekly with your facilitator and writing buddies.


Share your special wisdom – the world is waiting for you.


“I’d totally recommend this course to anyone already writing, or aspiring to write. The Write Road will take you places you’ve never been before, or maybe places you’ve been so many times and never been able to move beyond! Whatever your desire to write is, I’m sure it’ll be fulfilled working with this wonderful woman.”           Lisa

“Your workshops last year certainly put me on track and I’ve taken your suggestions on board – I’m delighted with the production of my gardening book.”


Liz Chappell, author of Celebrate the Seasons


Walk and Write feathers

“The workshop was unbelievable. I sat down by the river to write today and couldn’t believe it – it was as if I was in the river and it took me places. My writing just flowed. I no longer even care if it’s ‘good’ or ‘bad’.”



Write of Passage online book writing course


Getting started on the story that’s rattling around in your heart and mind is one of life’s greatest challenges.


It’s amazing how many chores there are to be done the closer you get to taking the time to begin your book or other writing project.


And then you sit down to start, only to meet the challenge of isolation . . . and then along come disruptive voices in your head!

 “At first I had so many reasons why I couldn’t do this course. In the end I bit the bullet, signed up and couldn’t wait for Tuesdays to roll around each week. I loved everything about it.”


The Write Road online book seeks writer

Our next Write of Passage course starts September 5.


If you’ve had enough of waiting for ‘the right time’ to write your book and you’d like to join us,


email us for more information


“When I dare to be powerful,

to use all my strength in the service of my vision,

it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.”

Audre Lorde